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Learning Style Inventory

What’s Your Learning Style?¬†

How to Get the Most Out of Studying

Beliefs That Make You Fail… Or Succeed

What Students Should Know About How People Learn

Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning

Putting Principles for Learning into Practice

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Smarter Study Skills

Strategies for Attention and Concentration:

  • Sit near the front of the class
  • Take notes to force yourself to pay attention
  • Study in a quiet place

Strategies for Listening and Note-Taking:

  • Listen for clues that indicate the speaker is making a key point
  • Categorize a lecture into parts/ discussion topics
  • Underline and star main points, using different font/ colors
  • Use abbreviations for commonly used words

Strategies for Planning and Organization

  • Maintain a calendar with daily responsibilities
  • Write assignments and due dates in an assignment notebook/ planner
  • List items in order of importance
  • Break a large task into smaller steps

Strategies for Memory:

  • Study notes after each class
  • Create flashcards with a key concept on one side and the explanation on the back
  • Utilize mnemonic devices

Strategies for Test Preparation and Test-Taking

  • Familiarize yourself with the course content/ format
  • Utilize relaxation techniques
  • Read all directions carefully
  • Check your answers
  • Review the entire exam before you start and plan your time/strategy

Strategies for Using Resources:

  • Read study questions before you read the text (identify purpose)
  • Utilize all study aids in the book
  • Seek assistance from reference librarians
  • Seek all possible campus & educational resources