Study Tips & Documents

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Strategies for Attention and Concentration:

  • Sit near the front of the class
  • Take notes to force yourself to pay attention
  • Study in a quiet place

Strategies for Listening and Note-Taking:

  • Listen for clues that indicate the speaker is making a key point
  • Categorize a lecture into parts/ discussion topics
  • Underline and star main points, using different font/ colors
  • Use abbreviations for commonly used words

Strategies for Planning and Organization

  • Maintain a calendar with daily responsibilities
  • Write assignments and due dates in an assignment notebook/ planner
  • List items in order of importance
  • Break a large task into smaller steps

Strategies for Memory:

  • Study notes after each class
  • Create flashcards with a key concept on one side and the explanation on the back
  • Utilize mnemonic devices

Strategies for Test Preparation and Test-Taking

  • Familiarize yourself with the course content/ format
  • Utilize relaxation techniques
  • Read all directions carefully
  • Check your answers
  • Review the entire exam before you start and plan your time/strategy

Strategies for Using Resources:

  • Read study questions before you read the text (identify purpose)
  • Utilize all study aids in the book
  • Seek assistance from reference librarians
  • Seek all possible campus & educational resources