Small Group Tutoring

French and Spanish small group tutoring sessions for the Fall 2017 semester are listed below and will be held in HCC 131. You must sign-up below. Your tutor facilitating the session will contact you via email with further details.

Benefits of Small Group Tutoring

  • Opportunity to develop a personalized relationship with your tutor and peers; Tutor is there to facilitate, not lecture
  • Sessions can be customized by topic to meet the needs of the group


Tutoring is available for SPAN 105, SPAN 202, & SPAN 205.


Tutoring is available for FREN 101, FREN 102, & FREN 201.

If there are no more available spaces in the small group you are interested in, please email to be added to the waitlist.

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Small Group Tutoring: French

Sign up for the small group tutoring session corresponding with your class! Sign up is on a first-come-first-served basis. Each session will only accommodate 6 students. Upon signing up, you will receive an email from tutoring services with further information. By signing up for a small group tutoring session, you are expected to attend each weekly session. This is a full semester commitment- please be aware that after 10 minutes, the tutee will be considered a no-show. After 2 absences, you will be removed from the small group tutoring and your spot will be replaced. The tutee is expected to contact the tutor in the case of tardiness or absences. If there are no more available spaces, please email to request additional assistance.

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What Available Spots
French 101 #1: Adam T.
#2: Trevor G.
#3: Rebekah P.
#4: Chloe D.
#5: Kimberly M.
#6: Sarah M.
French 102 #1: Julianna C.
#2: Sarah H.
#3: Kaitlyn T.
#4: Jacob S.
#5: Charlotte S.
#6: Ivan J.
French 201 #1: Megan M.
#2: Elyse R.
#3: Rachel K.
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