UMW Peer Tutoring

Meet Our Tutors


Jennifer Orellana

Hey! My name is Jennifer. I tutor in Accounting. I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am majoring in Accounting with a minor in Data Science.
Fun Fact: I love doing hair and make-up so much that I even got my Cosmetology License!



Madeline Beasley

My name is Madeline Beasley. I am a senior double majoring in biology and psychology. I will be tutoring psychology and biology this year. Fun fact: I sank in quicksand once.


Ben Whipkey

Hello! I'm Ben. I'm a senior majoring in Computer Science, and I'll be tutoring CPSC 110/220 and DATA 101. I usually spend my free time reading old sci-fi, playing video games, and noodling around on the guitar and piano.



Riley Anderson

        Hi, My name is Riley. I am a junior double majoring in Math and Studio Art. I will be tutoring Math 111-122. I was born in Alaska.

Hoang Anh Tran


Hello! My name is Hoang Anh. I am a Senior major in Chemistry and concentration in Biology. My favorite color is green and I like swimming.


Carina Lee

My name is Carina Lee. I am a junior majoring in Business Administration. I enjoy working with numbers so I will be tutoring in Finite Mathematics with Applications, MATH 110. I love cooking and running in my free time!

Anushah Hassan

Hi 🙂 My name is Anushah. I am a sophomore and I plan on majoring in Accounting. I will be tutoring Accounting, Economics, and Statistics this year. I am part of Eagle Bhangra and am learning how to play the piano.


Rebecca Alpern

Hi, my name is Rebecca Alpern! I am currently a Mathematics major, but I am in the process of switching to become a Spanish major for the Education program. I am a sophomore this year, and I will be tutoring Linguistics 101. Fun facts about me: I am obsessed with superheroes, Disney, and Pinterest, and I enjoy baking and embroidery. 🙂


Mariela Valverde

  My name is Mariela Valverde and I am a sophomore! I am majoring in Geology as well as doing the Secondary Education program, so I will be tutoring Earth and Environmental Science 111/112. I love being with people and 99% of the time I wish I was a mermaid.

Lisa Marie King


Lisa Marie is a Sophomore Spanish Major with a Minor in Contemplative Studies who will be tutoring Spanish. Outside the classroom, she is an Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor in the FSEM Program, and Secretary of UMW DiversAbility and UMW Paws. In her free time, she likes to meditate, take day trips to the River and go to the gym.

Caitlin Kelly

Hi! My name is Caitlin, I'm a junior art history major and I tutor for the Art History 115 and 114 classes. I am currently working on an independent study on the historiography of Frida Kahlo and intersectionality.


Ethan Martin 

My name is Ethan, and I'm a Computer Science major in my Junior year tutoring for the same in addition to Data Science. This semester I am building a text editor geared towards programmers called Jet for an independent study, one that future CS students at UMW may find themselves using to write code!


Nicole Haynes

Hi, my name is Nicole Haynes! I am a sophomore majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Business Administration. This year, I will be tutoring biology. I am an expert gingerbread house architect, and I love to read in my free time.